1979 Dodge Lil Red Express

Dodge Lil Red Express 1979 technical specifications

Condition: Used
Item location: United States
Make: Dodge
Model: Lil Red Express
Type: Pickup (Truck)
Doors: 2
Year: 1979
Mileage: 27,934
Color: Red
Engine size: 360 V8
Power options: Air conditioning
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Just watch, hese cool pickups are going to be the next big thing. In 1979, his Dodge Lil' Red Express truck was about as close as you were going to get to a real muscle car, nd I doubt we'll ever get an OEM building a truck with chrome stacks, ood paneling, nd this much personality.The name says it all: Lil' Red Express. It's a red pickup, eatly dressed up to look a little vintage, hat with the wood paneling on the bed and the big gold logo on the doors. It was the '70s so anything was possible, nd in an era with giant screaming birds on the hood, his is a real standout. It was repainted around 2009 in a correct shade of bright red and a recent professional buff really brought out the shine, iving it a fantastic look. There's already a movement afoot to preserve and celebrate these trucks, o they didn't modify or change any of the details; why would you on something that's already so custom-looking? It hasn't been damaged or rusty, o the repaint simply erased several decades of use, nd although certainly not perfect, oday it looks just as eye-catching as it did when it first hit the streets. That's real oak in the bed and outside on the sides, lthough it's not structural, erely decorative, nd all of it remains in great shape, oo. There's also plenty of chrome, ncluding the aforementioned exhaust stacks, lus a heavy-duty rear bumper and a grille with stacked headlights that were new for 1979.You had a surprising number of choices inside, ith this truck getting the best combination: black bucket seats with a third jump seat in between that doubles as a console. The Express was loaded and was the most expensive truck in Chrysler showrooms in 1979, nd this one includes fully functional A/C that still uses R12 refrigerant inside. The interior is probably original, o it's showing its age, ut there are no splits or tears in the upholstery and a set of contrasting red floor mats protect the carpets today. You do get a fairly comprehensive set of gauges as well as an AM/FM radio that still sounds pretty good. A few flashes of red inside give it a sporty demeanor and keep it from seeming too serious and you'll probably find it's easy to get comfortable in this 37-year-old hauler.There was plenty of muscle on tap when you bought a Lil' Red Express, hanks to a strong-running 360 that was not necessarily burdened by the same pollution controls that strangled the muscle cars. The 360 cubic inch V8 was upgraded by the factory with a cam from a 1968 340, eavy-duty valve train, police-spec intake manifold and 4-barrel air cleaner, nd a full roller timing chain. It's still quite stock, ut the performance sill surprise you, ven today. The chrome dual snorkel air cleaner was also part of the package, nd it's dressed pretty much the way the factory did it, ight down to the original decal on the lid. It's tidy and shows signs of routine maintenance, ut no modifications, hich suggests it's always been treated well. A heavy-duty TorqueFlite 3-speed automatic was the only transmission available, nd it spins 3.55 gears out back, o it feels punchy around town but cruises easily on the highway. Obviously dual exhaust was standard, nd this truck also carries dual gas tanks for bladder-bursting mileage. Cool aluminum wheels with fat 275/60/15 Goodyears complete the ideal '70s look.Lots of fun and sure to be a hotter collectable once everyone gets their Trans Am fix, his Dodge Lil' Red Express is ready to play. Call now!

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