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Stealth Campervan Camper Van with Solar

1993 Ford E-Series Van Camper Van Solar

Ford E-Series Van 1993 technical specifications

Condition: Used
Item location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Make: Ford
Model: E-Series Van
Type: Van Camper
Trim: Camper Van Solar
Year: 1993
Mileage: 190,498
VIN: 1FMEE11H2PHB11903
Engine size: 8-Cyl
Number of cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Selling my beloved campervan. I love this truck, it's big, awesome, powerful (8 cyl) and so spacious and serene inside. It's undergone a radical transformation since I bought it. I'll list everything below that I can think of about the van, and you can also visit this URL for pictures that show the van before the installation of everything began, as well as the installation process:
Picturetrail album
Features that required little/lot/tons of installation work:
  • Four 100W solar panels on the roof of the van
  • 2 deep cycle batteries mounted under the floor
  • 2000W inverter (enough for a microwave or hair dryer)
  • Charge controller with tons of info on the batteries/panels
  • RV roof vent and fan with multiple speeds
  • Floor-mounted switch to disconnect/connect front battery to solar
  • Switch at the back to flip the inverter (power) on or off
  • Rotating wall mount for the television (behind driver's seat)
  • Bed coated roof (it's black under the silver
  • Silver paint on the roof to reflect sunlight in the summer

Furnishings, decor, devices, machines:
  • Black rubber flooring cut to fit the interior floor
  • Gray rug I bought at Ikea, minimalist style
  • Blue blackout curtains that divide the seats from the back
  • Blue hanging curtains that conceal the storage under the bed
  • Black felt window coverings (removable) facing outward
  • Silver insulation window coverings (removable) facing inward
  • Extension cord for plugging in whatever you want
  • Beautiful 32" Samsung Smartv (hangs on rotating wall mount) + remote
  • Black toaster oven + stand (batteries/inverter can handle it easy)
  • Pump activated water dispenser & BPA-free water jug
  • Several plastic drawers, stylish black rather than ugly beige
  • Unopened Thetford Porta Potty "Curve" RV toilet (it's awesome!)
  • Special toilet paper for the toilet (disintegrates)
  • Tap-activated LED lights on the ceiling (will include xtra batteries)
  • Bed frame that sits sideways across the back of the van
  • Comfy mattress (twin) on the bed frame
  • A fluffy mattress topper
  • A few dark blue linens for the bed
  • Simple mirror hanging up on a command hook
  • A small vacuum (you see it in red in the pictures), still has box
  • Basic cuttlery, dishes, towels for eating, a ton of small items

I'm sure there are other items, here and there, that I'm forgetting at the moment. I may update this with more stuff, but it'll just be small things that I happen to remember. Pretty sure I've covered all the major items. I'll also include some extra conveniences like some batteries (for the tap lights), the plastic wrappers for the mattress and mattress topper, some extra tap lights, and a few extra command hooks for hanging up other items in the van as you see fit. I'll also include some extra padding if you'd like to double up or replace what I've already installed (they're those mats you stand on to keep your feet from hurting on a hard floor, like cement, and they're underneath the black rubber mats).
Basic specs I got off the internet + actual data from the van:
Model: 1993 Ford E-150 Club Wagon
MPG: 11 city / 15 highway
Horsepower: 200 hp
Engine: 5.8 L V8
Number of cylinders: 8
Dimensions: 212" L x 80" W
Torque: 310 lb-ft
Fuel tank capacity: 35 gal
Title: Good/clean
Mileage: 190,000
Under the hood and elsewhere:
The engine is strong and I've never had any issues with it. The van squeaks when you turn it, so it could use a new power steering pump at some point (not absolutely vital though, it's just noisy atm, I never had any issues with it and didn't feel it was worth replacing since it wasn't broken). The starter gives me a bit of trouble occasionally, but I think it's just old. It's a little weird.
Again, it's not broken, so I didn't want to bother with replacing it until it was actually inoperable (waste of money to replace something that's not actually broken, right?). Other than those two items, I really trust this van. It feels awesome going down the road, and it's small enough to sit in just about any driveway. Tons of room inside, very spacious. You can park this on the street, incognito, just as easily as you can take it camping anywhere.
Don't worry about having to get special parking when you travel. This van parks anywhere and has all the comforts you need. It's been an amazing van for me, and I put a lot of time and effort into making it just right. Except for permanent installed items like the solar panels and such, you can remake the interior into your own style. I wanted to be able to modify features over time (I switched the bed around, for example), so everything is changeable.
The paint looks pretty good, there are a few scratches here and there, but definitely no big dents or anything that might indicate damage. The tires have a ton of tread and would probably get you through some annoying mud or a minor off-roading event. The silver paint on the roof covers a bed cover that was added to prevent rust. I painted it silver because the black top was heating the van up like a mofo in the summer.
The title on the van is clean and I have the title, ready and easy to sign over to you. I also have the smog report from when I had it smogged last year, so you can see the numbers. It should pass smog fine for you when you register it (if where you plan to register it requires smog anyway). I haven't had to do a lot to it mechanically. It just runs and runs (with the aforementioned squeaky power steering pump). It really drives well, it feels great, it's a truck with good juju.
Some final fine print and other stuff:
I'm only accepting cash for the truck. I'm not doing payment plans or financing since I'm just an individual seller/owner, so you'll need to come with the entire amount when you take delivery of the vehicle. I may deliver it a short distance in Los Angeles, but you'll need to provide me with a deposit before I'll come to you. I've had too many folks go to radio-silent when I've shown up at an address to deliver something.
I'm happy to give you a tour of the truck and show you around. You'll find a massive number of photographs below. I hope I've covered every angle possible. If you'd like to come take a look, just let me know. I'm around most afternoons in Westchester, which is near LAX (if you're not familiar with Los Angeless, it's near the coast, sandwiched between Marina del Rey on the north and the airport on the south).
I'm open to selling the truck to anyone in the United States. If you'd like to travel to me to buy it, I'm willing to wait for you to come for it for up to a month. I may wait longer if you can provide a suitable deposit to hold it. If you're a local LA resident, I'd prefer that you take delivery within two weeks. A lot of time, money, and love went into this van, and it'll make you feel awesome. I hope that if you decide to buy it, you'll have as many wonderful adventures as I've had with it as my traveling partner. :)
Front, passenger's side of the van.

Rear, passenger's side of the van.

Rear, driver's side of the van.

Front, driver's side of the van.

Under the hood.

Under the hood, battery area.

The engine looks good and clean when it's opened up.

Newish tires with lots of nice tread.

Tires are great for off-road or driving on the beach.

Rear of the van with drawers, toilet, vacuum.

Unopened toilet and vacuum with box.

Interior, looking at the rear, the bed + storage.

Looking in at the "kitchen" and open middle area.

Looking at the front of the van from the side doors.

Privacy/blackout curtains closed at the front.

32" Samsung smartv

Samsung TV remote.

Close-up of the carpet. Simple gray + white.

Rubber flooring under the carpet (there's more padding under it).

Charge controller + inverter. Picture taken on a cloudy day.

Removable insulation cut to fit the windows (all rear windows covered)

View of the driver's seat and steering wheel.

View of the passenger's seat.

The virgin van, before it had anything done to it.

The interior before installation, complete with old grody rug!

More pre-installation view of the interior.

Looking through the back doors at the rear passenger's side.

All the solar stuff, batteries, and installation wires.

It's got two of these batteries.

Charge controller before installation.

This is the pure sine wave inverter.

The batteries are under the floor behind the driver's seat.

Custom welded metal housing for batteries.

The battery holder installed under the truck.

View of the undercarraige - the batteries are nearly invisible.

Mid-installation of wires, inverter, batteries, panels, etc.

The top of the van with the solar panels and roof fan

Hole cut into the roof for the van fan.

Another view of the roof with the solar panels and fan.

A side view of the van.

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