2005 Honda Civic EX 58,400 MILES!!!

2005 Honda Civic

Honda Civic 2005 technical specifications

Condition: Used
Item location: Freehold, New Jersey, United States
Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Type: Coupe
Trim: EX Coupe 2-Door
Year: 2005
Mileage: 58,400
VIN: 1HGEM22105L036399
Color: white
Engine size: 1.7L 1668CC l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated
Number of cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
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2005 Honda civic VP automatic
1 owner clean carfax!
2 door coupe
Sporty and fun
Must see all the pics!!
Today, we are proud to offer, his beautiful vehicle for your consideration. This is a terrific addition to any car lover's collection. This vehicle is well sorted out. The engine on this vehicle is running properly. This vehicle has a smooth shifting transmission. This automobile is ready for you. It performs wonderfully, hether you're in-town or on the open highway, nd exhibits excellent road manners at all speeds. This is a great previously owned vehicle. Overall the vehicle is very straight. The condition of the paint and body, s in overall good shape. The interior is in overall good condition. Please review the many photos that have been provided to you.
This vehicle is ready for you!!!!

Many more miles to go!

We are located in

Monmouth County

New Jersey

Our Address is:

1209 Highway 9 North

Howell, J 07731

We strive to ensure that the new buyer will be able toenjoy the benefit of the bargain. We have provided you with many photos for you to review. We always encourage personal inspection of our vehicles if you are unable to inspect in person we recommend a third party inspection. We do not offer financing, lease have financing and funds available before bidding. Please contact us at 732-863-0050. If you have any questions, comments, r would like to schedule an inspection.

Terms All Sales Auto group, nc. policy 1) This
vehicle is being sold AS IS 2) These vehicles are used please realize there is normal wear and tear associated with
per-owned vehicles 3) The winning bidder will make a down payment of $500.00 within 24 hrs. Payable
through Pay pal 4) The vehicle must be paid in 7 days or down payment becomes property of All Sales Auto Group, nc.
5) There is a 299.00 administrations, ocumentation and Temp Plate Fee 6) If you do not finish the transaction for any reason the down payment becomes property of All Sales Auto Group, nc 7) Check your vehicle or hire someone to checkbefore you purchase. There will not be any post sale inspection.
CALL (732) 863-0050
9) Let’s make your eBay Purchase memorable not miserable. 10) We sell used cars All Sales Auto Group, nc. is a remarketing auto broker, elling used vehicles, ease return, lassic, ollectable cars, new and used car trades, onsignment vehicles

If you find
you cannot agree to our simple terms and conditions please don’t bid This sight is for the educated consumer who will realize the benefit of the bargain. Directions: If you need directions from your location to ours just go to google maps. You are always welcome to come by and see the vehicle you are interested in, ut not all vehicles are on site at all times as some may still be out being serviced during the auction. So please let us know in advance if you are coming to see a particular vehicle so it will be there for you to view. What about any questions I may have? If you have any questions about one of our vehicles or our terms & conditions please email or call us. Please make sure the email address you have on file with eBay is current. If it is not current when we reply it will bounce back and you will not get a response of course. We answer ALL emails in a very timely manner. If you do not hear from us it is not because we did not answer you, it is an email issue. In that case just call us at (732)863-0050
Can anyone bid? We welcome all registered eBay bidders to participate in our auctions except INTERNATIONAL bidders. What should I expect when buying a used vehicle? This is a reminder to all bidders. These vehicles are USED vehicles and are not new. Please expect a certain amount of wear, use, and flaws as is standard on ANY used car. All used cars including this one may have dings, nicks, chips, glass marks, fading, scratches, paintwork, accident history, rust, wheel or rim imperfections, or any other issues that are associated with use that is consistent with age and mileage of the vehicle. Obviously a car that is 10 years old will show more wear and have more flaws than one that is 2 years old. Since these vehicles are used, please remember that books, extra keys, emote entry keys, navigation discs, cd cartridge, tc...do not always remain with vehicles throughout their life. We will not be responsible for these minor accessories. These items are all replaceable at any local factory dealer, lectronic store, or even on eBay. Vehicles may have higher miles thanwhat is shown at time of deliveryassome will be drivenfor test drives, emos, ransported for pick up or may beowned by the current owner and is their daily vehicle. What about the vehicle’s history report? We often use these services to check a vehicles background. Carfax and Autocheck are wonderful services,but they have their limitations. Many times they will show more “owners” than we may state a vehicle has had. This is because they are an information service only. They have never seen the car, wned the car,and have no other information about the car than what is reported from different agencies. All of this information is originally hand entered into their databases at their source and mistakes and inconsistencies will occur! For example when a dealer such as ourselves purchases a vehicle they may pick it up as a new owner when this is of course not the case as dealers are not end users. Also they often contain mileage errors and inconsistencies that appear to make little sense. Just like any computer generated information report you need to know how to read the report & when to read between the lines. Having seen thousands of these over the years we can help you understand the information listed in these reports,just ask. Can you explain your as-is / warranty policy? All vehicles are being sold as-is, here is with no warranty, expressed or implied. The seller shall not be responsible for correctness of description, authenticity, genuineness, r defects herein, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. Any and all descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as a warranty of any type. Your bid is binding under applicable statute. The buyer assumes all responsibility for all defects known and unknown. The seller assumes no responsibility for any repairs, efects or damages pre-existing or otherwise regardless of any oral or written statements about the vehicle. The buyer has no right of rescission and is not entitled to any compensation for known or unknown, r disclosed, or undisclosed damage or repairs. Do not bid if you are not prepared to conclude your purchase. All information and comments contained within the vehicle listings are deemed reliable,but are not guaranteed. We try very hard to make sure they are as accurate as possible, ut as always descriptions are always subject to interpretation, nd are for informative purposes. If an option or feature is not listed in the ad or you do not see it in the pictures, nbsp; then the vehicle most likely does not have that option or feature. Pictures are a part of the descriptions as well. We do not want you to be unhappy with your purchase but at the same time you have to understand what "AS-IS" means. It means sold without warranty - no exceptions. Most cars are sold at wholesale prices,many way below book prices. Therefore there is minimum profit at best and as such we can not afford to warranty the vehicle as if you had purchased it off a retail lot at full list price. We recommend that all buyers purchase the optional extended warranty (available on most, but not all cars). This will help defray the cost of mechanical repairs in the future. Remember many of these cars are near a decade old or many have in excess of 100,000 miles so they may be new to you but that doesn’t change the fact that they are used cars and repairs can be needed at any time regardless of how short a time period you have owned the car. While we try to service any known defects it is still possible for used vehicles to need service or repairs the first days or weeks of ownership. We are not responsible for your vehicle to pass inspections in your home state as it varies from state to state. We recommend buyer have a third party inspection if buyer is unable to inspect vehicle in person. Here is a list of some major defects that may occur in used motor vehicles. Frame & Body; Frame-cracks, orrective welds, r rusted through, Dog tracks—bent or twisted frame. Engine; Oil leakage, xcluding normal seepage, racked block or head, elts missing or inoperable, Knocks or misses related to camshaft lifters and, ush rods, bnormal exhaust discharge. Transmission & Drive Shaft; Improper fluid level or leakage, excluding normal seepage, racked or damaged case which is visible, bnormal noise or vibration caused by faulty, transmission or drive shaft, mproper shifting or functioning in any gear, anual clutch slips or chatters. Differential; Improper fluid level or leakage excluding normal seepage, racked of damaged housing which is visible, bnormal noise or vibration caused by faulty differential. Cooling System; Leakage including radiator, mproperly functioning water pump. Electrical System; Battery leakage, mproperly functioning alternator, enerator, attery, r starter. Fuel System; Visible leakage. Inoperable Accessories; Gauges or warning devices, ir conditioner, eater & Defroster. Brake System; Failure warning light broken, Pedal not firm under pressure (DOT spec.),Not enough pedal reserve (DOT spec.),Does not stop vehicle in straight line (DOT spec.),Hoses damaged, rum or rotor too thin (Mfgr. Specs),Lining or pad thickness less than 1/32 inch, ower unit not operating or leaking, tructural or mechanical parts damaged. Steering System;Too much free play at steering wheel (DOT specs.),Free play in linkage more than 1/4 inch, teering gear binds or jams, ront wheels aligned improperly (DOT specs.), ower unit belts cracked or slipping, Power unit fluid level improper. Suspension System; Ball joint seals damaged, tructural parts bent or damaged, Stabilizer bar disconnected, pring broken, hock absorber mounting loose, ubber bushings damaged or missing, adius rod damaged or missing, hock absorber leaking or functioning improperly. Tires= Tread depth less than 2/32 inch, izes mismatched, isible damage. Wheels= Visible cracks, amage or repairs, ounting bolts loose or missing. Exhaust System= Leakage. All cars are used machines and used machines need general repairs on a regular basis many times without prior warning. This is especially true for name brand high line & exotic vehicles that have more elaborate features and systems. Also repairs are more common on say a 10 year old model car as opposed to a 2 or 3 year old model car since they cost significantly less than a newer car. Obviously the older the car the more possible this is of happening. So this is why we highly recommend again that you purchase this warranty for your own peace of mind and general satisfaction. What you have just read is basically common sense,but there are some people who don’t understand what as is means so this is why we have spelled it out in plain English.Can I see or inspect the vehicle in person? Prospective bidders are always welcome to come, iew, r arrange on site inspections of the vehicle they are interested in BEFORE the close of the auction. We recommend buyer have a third party inspection if buyer is unable to inspect vehicle in person before the close of auction. Once the auction has ended the vehicle is now considered sold and we do not permit any post sales inspections at that point. Vehicles may have higher miles thanwhat is shown assome will be drivenfor test drives, demos, ransported for pick up or may beowned by the current owner and is their daily vehicle. Do you end auctions early? We reserve the right to end any auction early should we deem it necessary. However this is quite rare and occurs in less than 2% of all listings. But occasionally we have to end an auction early because we made an error in the vehicles options, description, arranty, r have a title issue.Vehicles are also sold locally andit will be necessary to end the auction at that time. Also any bid retractions within the last half of the remainder of the auction are subject to be ended early at our discretion. We further reserve the right to refuse the sale of any vehicle to any bidder or buyer at our discretion should we deem it necessary.

We do not offer any financing through the dealership. Please have all loan and financing arrangements in place before you bid. Also we do not accept trade ins on our auction sales due to the limitations of the auction process. Do I need insurance? Once the vehicle is paid for in full insurance is required from the buyer. We do not insure the vehicle after payment is made in full. This is especially important if your vehicle is being transported via car carrier.What happens after I win the auction? At the close of the auction we will contact you by email and ask for your name and phone number. A representative will then call you on the phone and go over all of the details with you. Or you can call the dealership at (732)863-0050. At this time we will ask for your information and charge to your account the $500.00 deposit. Once this is done all we need to do is schedule a time for delivery. Please give us 24 hours notice if possible so we can detail & prepare your vehicle for delivery.Vehicles also may have higher miles thanwhat is shown assome will be drivenfor test drives, emos, ransported for pick up or still owned by the current owner and is their daily vehicle. Vehicles titles may be held by banks or lenders as collateral for loans. In many cases there is a delay in receiving the original instruments up to 29 days from the time we pay a vehicle off. Sometimes it may take longer. Some vehicles are traded in with out of state titles and they must go to the state to come back as a NJ title as we are a NJ dealership. While we usually have all titles in our possession at closing, here are occasions where we may be waiting for them to arrive. Most vehicles advertised are new car trade ins and we are usually waiting for the titles to get processed by the title clerks or the state. Some of the vehicle titles are held are collateral until vehicle is paid for. Which means if you come and pay for a vehicle on Saturday, e will allow you to take the vehicle home, owever we may not be able to pay for it until the next business day. We further reserve the right to refuse the sale of any vehicle to any bidder or buyer at our discretion should we deem it necessary.If payment is made by cashier's check, oney order, r auto draft checks we will hold all titles for 10 days or until funds have cleared personal checks are not accepted. If you are planning to pick up the vehicle in person, hese are the hours we are open for eBay deliveries: Monday threw Saturday 10am - 6pm We are closed on Sunday, nd all National Holidays. If these hours do not suit your needs, hen please arrange to have your vehicle shipped. These are the ONLY hours we will be delivering vehicles. We will have all required paperwork ready for you upon your arrival for a speedy delivery. Please give us 24 hours notice if possible so we can detail & prepare your vehicle for delivery.Will you leave me positive feedback? We are always happy to leave you positive feedback once the transaction is complete. We hope you too will leave us positive feedback and give us a 5 star rating as well. Anything else I should know? By bidding on the above vehicle or by purchasing the above vehicle,bidder / buyer acknowledges all eBay rules and the rules and regulations as stated in this listing by, ll sales auto group. By placing your bid you accept all rules as listed above and understand there are no refunds or cancellations, s your bid is a legal and binding agreement, (as stated in the eBay User Guidelines). One more thing, will buying a vehicle on eBay be easy & fun? We think so,we have sold vehicles to customers in every state and many cities & countries all over the world. If we can do anything to help make your purchase easier just ask and we will do our best to accommodate you. Purchasing a vehicle on eBay is not only a great way to get a great deal it is also a lot of fun and we do everything we can to make it as simple and enjoyable as possible. Don’t forget to see our other vehicles we have up for auction this week! Thank You, ood Luck and Happy Bidding! Fee and Tax Information:. How do I pay for the vehicle? The balance of the purchase price MUST be paid for by cash in person, cashiers check (like you would get from most banks & credit unions),or bank wire transfer . We do not accept personal checks,credit cards, aypal, rafts, escrow services, r any other form of payment that is not expressly listed above. Some services such as E-Loan or HSBC place demands on their loans that we can not meet. For example sometimes they require the borrower to only purchase a vehicle in the state they reside and that of course would make it impossible for most bidders &ourselves to comply. So again,we work very hard to make the process go smoothly & quickly just let us know upfront if you have any special needs so we can help out. Please note that you are welcome to have your loan officer contact us to arrange one of the above payments if they have questions or concerns. We realize that different lending institutions have different needs and we are here to work with you in those instances. If you arrive to pick up your vehicle and do not have an acceptable form of payment you will be denied delivery of the vehicle. This means you will have to go home without the vehicle or stay over in Howell, until acceptable payment is received. Do not let this happen to you, just follow our simple rules pf payment to ensure a smooth delivery of your new vehicle. These are the only forms of payment that we accept, so if they are not acceptable to you then please do not bid. We further reserve the right to refuse the sale of any vehicle to any bidder or buyer at our discretion should we deem it necessary. Final payment must be made within 3 days of the close of the auction.Do you require a down paymentfrom me? We require that a down payment be made to secure the transaction by the end of the next business day on each vehicle purchased. This means that if you win the auction for any given vehicle at 10PM on a Monday night then the $500.00 down paymentis due by 5PM the following night (Tuesday) . Each vehicle requires a $500.00 down payment. We will be happy to work with you depending on each buyers unique situation. Should any buyer fail to make this down paymentor to make other arrangements with us by 5PM we reserve the right to offer or sell the vehicle to another bidder or buyer as we deem necessary. Also should the buyer fail to make this down paymentor make other arrangements with us by 5PM we reserve the right to cancel the transaction. If a buyer pays the down payment,but does not complete the transaction for any other reason, then the down paymentis not refundable and becomes the property of All Sales Auto group, nc..

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