1974 Soviet Classic Volga Gaz-24 M-24 Волга Газ-24

1974 Other Makes Volga GAZ M-24 (GAZ-24) M-24

Other Makes Volga GAZ M-24 (GAZ-24) 1974 technical specifications

Condition: Used
Item location: Duluth, Georgia, United States
Make: Other Makes
Model: Volga GAZ M-24 (GAZ-24)
SubModel: M-24
Type: sedan
Trim: Classic sedan
Year: 1974
Mileage: 150,000
VIN: 000000000000
Color: White
Engine size: 4 cylinder 2.4 liter
Number of cylinders: four
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 2 speed manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: white and grey
Options: CD Player
Vehicle Title: Clear
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p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; } One of a kind, real Soviet Legend from the bygone era. This was a truly people's car back in the USSR. Anyone form the Eastern block countries who lived there before 1992 remembers these cars and has some personal memories about them. Volga Gaz-24 was probably the most desirable car in the USSR before regular people were allowed to purchase and own foreign cars. Back in the time of manufacture of this particular artefact, n order to own one of these you would have to very well connected, ot to mention that you would have to be very very rich. Government mandated price for these was about 10,000 Soviet Roubles, or which my father (Air Force plane engineer) would have to have paid his full 3 year salary. Black Market price for these cars was 20 to 45 thousand Soviet Roubles. This much money could probably build you two houses... In any event, f you are looking at this listing, ou probably know how special these cars were. Now, onsidering that this car was manufactured back in 1973, nyone who knows what road and weather conditions this car had to endure all these 42 years and should appreciate the condition that this car is in. The body of the car has almost zero corrosion. engine, rame and the body all are original. It was re-painted and reupholstered using original materials prior to importation to the USA. The car is very clean and runs very well (all things considered). THIS IS NOT YOUR COMMUTE CAR. If you never owned one of these, epending on your experience, t will take some time getting used to driving it. This car has all four drum brakes, o keeping generous distances and stepping on your brakes HARD is NUMERO UNO. Another issue future owner will have to consider is that most of US gasoline is poisoned by at least 10% by volume of ethanol. Since these cars were not built for this type of fuel, ven though 76 octane gas is standard here, ut you will have to fine a way of dealing with it. Easiest solution will be if prospective buyer of this car has a gas station dispensing 100% gasoline (no higher than 87 octane). The intended audience for this vehicle are the people who know what this is and appreciate its history and former status, well, nd can afford it). Most people born in the former USSR have a fetish for these Volgas. I can tell you that driving this car down the street, reates furore and one can rest assured that all Soviet citizens will show some form of emotions. Besides Atlanta, drove this car in Miami. Gosh! I had people making U-turns on Collins Ave. only so they could follow me a little bit and take few pics with their smart phones... Like I wrote before, he car is in good running condition. As is, ith only minor maintenance, f used only for weekend outings and as a quick show off, his car can run probably for years to come. Brakes and clutch are almost brand new and have no more than 5000km of very careful driving. Electrical, rom the outside seems to be good. Everything that has a electrical switch on it works. To the future owner, would highly recommend at the minimum to test Ground everywhere where possible, nd perhaps give all relays and switches a good Ethanol "bath and scrub". But again, hat is only if you are anal perfectionist who has a lot of time end experience, r loaded with cash and can make others do it for you. There is always room for improving authenticity. If I were to keep the car, would start with getting original radio and finish completely restoring dash board. Perhaps would get new GAZ logo for the grille. One thing that is 1000% authentic about this car is the smell on the interior. Every time someone who rode in those old Soviet riggidy yellow taxi cabs gets inside of this car, hey can't breath enough of the interior smell. YES, his car definitely has that renown VOLGA smell in it. Anyhow, ook at the pictures. They really worth a thousand words. What you see is what you get. Obviously no warranty, eturns or any of that capitalism invented nonsense. Car is titled and has Georgia plates now. You should be able to register it either as Historical, r even as normal car, epending on your state's laws. I know for sure that in Georgia, lorida and New York this car is exempt from emissions testing. In any event, ontact your state's DMV before considering buying this car. Make sure you can register it, f that is your plan. Shipping, s per who, hen, ow and how much is completely up to you. I can help arranging a pick-up and delivery to you, r you can arrange it yourself. I can tell you that it took me $350 (and two days) to bring this car from Miami. Again, ny questions, eel free to call and ask.

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