49 MA Bell Ford F2 Custom Chopped 1 Ton PS/PB Telephone Hot Rod Truck Car Lot

1949 Ford Other

Ford Other 1949 technical specifications

Condition: Used
Item location: Little Hocking, Ohio, United States
Make: Ford
Model: Other
Year: 1949
Mileage: 555,555
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Here is a fantastic 1949 F2 Ford Ma Bell Telephone Truck with the fantastic original right hander telephone truck bed, e were told this was for Ma bell, nd 450 or so were made.. The truck is on a 1972 1 ton Dodge Chassis, o this girl has a nice 318 with a 2 BBL, new HEI Distributor, 1 wire GM Distributor, ew Accel Super Stock wires and new plugs, adiator is in nice shape, luid green.. The Oil Looks pretty good. This beast has a 4 spd transmission with what looks to be a PTO output, did nothing to the drivetrain, or do I have knowledge of what has been done, ut this thing has new brake lines, ew calipers, he plug wires, his is a super solid truck mechanically and boy this beast will stand tall in any crowd.. You got the GM alternator, here is no fuseblock, he chassis is wired, ut this is where cool comes in, s it runs and drives just like it is.. Some tailights and a little wiring and some glass to be legal..
The chop on this thing is awesome!!! very straight.. I have not measured, ut offhand I would guess it is at least 6" The welds are finished on the outside of the cab, nd the inside was left partially finished, thin ... The truck has a passenger side glass in it, ut it will need replaced. You get new in bag Windshield and rear glass rubbers. The truck comes with what looks to be a good original style behind seat gas tank, urrently it has a steel marine style tank, his was done on purpose, s it is welded in by angle iron. This right hander box is fantastic, t needs a tiny bit of work towards the very front of the floor on the inside, ou have to crawl in to see it.. The truck runs pretty good, took it up and down the road, did not take it on the highway, ut the guy I got it from said he drove it back in forth between a few towns.. The window mechanisms crank up and down, he hood vent is in awesome shape, ou get the tags on cowl and in the glove box. The Truck has a cb mic bracket on the drivers door and on the right side a radio hookup.. You could have glass and wiring for about 500 bucks, nd I'm sure you know guys that will do it cheaper, he tires are 16's with the split rim style 8 lug on the fron, and 16.5" tires one what look to be Budd wheels. This thing drove fine with these tires, hey have good tread and are functional, ut I think the ride would improve with some radials..
The 318 sounds good, mall exhaust leak, ransmission is fully operational as is the clutch. The frame in the rear has been c notched and a ring welded in, o you could flip the rear end and lower the truck, e a great truck to put on air ride, ut she looks wicked like this, ut it nice that the option is so easy if you want to go that route. The seats are comfy, nd both recline. The seats are welded to the floor, hey also welded the front fenders to the body, ust like they put a nice big waterfall run on the passenger fender, ust like there is a small rusty spot left on the bottom rim of the passenger side of the cab, n purpose. The hood has a couple dents in it, nd it has a couple rust holes on the sides, ut they are cleared, nd they are part of the art, s are the dents, s are most of the imperfections on this baby, ost of it is done on purpose, r if it was not fixed it was protected.. The mix of priming and then color sanding, nd then clearing, his thing is art.. This is a super,awesome, are truck, he hard work is done, ost of the easy work is done, have went as far as i am going with it, t is up to you to put your touches on it and make it your baby, ou know you have never seen one.Any car show, ny parking lot, his is the only one going to be there.. You could repaint it if you want, ut it would be a shame to ruin the creativity.. This is history but this is also art.. It is very close to an every day driver, t drives runs and stops, any newmechanical s, nd the body is awesome, he doors, n the truck and the bed open and close smoothly.
Drive it like this, r put a newer rear end and and automatic, ut it would be a shame to part with the super tall shifter,you could slam it to the ground,or throw some sticky mickeys one the rear band make a cruiser, hat ever you want, ou can do with this truck.. I will take a partial trade, eeds to run and drive, rades come to me.. I have only had this a brief time, am ready to move on to the next toy, o this is here to sell or trade, ut make a reasonable offer, at rods are Hot, ot rods Are hot, ords Are hot chopped tops, re well, hopped, his has disc brakes and power steering in systems that are cheap to work on, nd these parts are in great shape, o you aren't going to have to work on, he truck has a new waster cylinder, ruck has a new starter, ou can have the battery i use to start the truck, ut it is too large for the battery box built on the inside of the firewall.. The inside of the windshield on the top needs finished, here is a new section complete with rear view that comes with truck, lso the larger stainless ford logo hood strips. The floot of the cab is in great shape, tiny bit of work needed around the rear floor area where they adjusted things to make the cab ride the frame, can't really call this a project, o much has been done, ou could almost do nothing and be fine, r you could make this just as nice as you want, epending one what you want, nd the hard stuff is here, n a user friendly package.. Als, spare pair of rim centers. cut out, o clue what the intent was of this, ou get a grill center section. You also get a full set of 4 roof corners front and rear at stock height . The headlights are in good shape and have nice buckets, here is some wiring, ut this too will need connected.. This truck is wired to run and drive. It has an on/off power switch and a push button start. the wiring harness is on the steering wheel and it has the plug, he turn signal lever feels good, o this is a simple wire job, n afternoon you would be legal. The instrument cluster is not hooked up, ut it has good glass, he windshield wiper switch is there..There is no heater in the truck, ut several companies make nice systems that will bolt right in.. Whatever you do will add value to this truck, his is a super foundation that you just put the icing on, or trades, o Motorcycles, othing that is not street legal , f a car, othing newer than 1985, truck, 972.. again, rades come here.. This truck runs and drives, ut it has no tail lights, et alone wired ones, o you make arrangements to haul it.. I love the truck, ut that viewpoint isn't shared, o this jewel leaving us is best.. Also, othing yellow.. unless its a willy's, ut i will have to primer it at least at your place before it comes here.. It is an awesome truck, e are honest people, e offer you a great truck, lease holler at us for offers or questions, e are in Little Hocking Ohio, 5742.. we are only a couple miles from highway, n easy paved roa, ice loading graveled area. Truck has parts packed in it and ready to go. Truck has clear Ohio title, otary servicesavailable. WE are not a car lot, e just like cars.. Again, his is a nice truck, ome pay for it in cash, ring your trade, will need some pics of what you are bringing, do not text, or do i doo stuff by phone normally, have pics on face book and photobucket, hich are following this description, r at least i hope. Please read the listing before asking questions, appy to answer, ut I try to be fairly descritpive, o read and see if i have been.. . At photo bucket it is lil_pengwen as the user name

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