1940 Lincoln Model K V-12 Judkins Coach Built Two-Window Berline 417-A

1940 Lincoln Model K V-12 Judkins Two-Window Berline 417-A

Lincoln Model K V-12 1940 technical specifications

Condition: Used
Item location: Duluth, Georgia, United States
Make: Lincoln
Model: Model K V-12
SubModel: Judkins Two-Window Berline 417-A
Type: Sedan
Doors: 4
Year: 1940
Mileage: 32,831
VIN: 1940LK
Color: Black
Number of cylinders: 12
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: beige
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Vehicle Overview
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1940 Lincoln Model K, V-12, Judkins Coach Built, Two-Window Berline, Series 417-A

Documented, Preserved, Museum Investment Quality, Last of The Custom Body Era.

Elegant and Meticulously Maintained, with only 32,831 actual miles showing on her odometer, she has all of her original interior with the exception of the front bench seat's bottom fabric. She has all of her original mechanical equipment with the exceptions of her 6 volt electrical system, which has been upgraded to a 12 volt system, an electric fan and an added water temperature gauge that has been inconspicuously mounted below the driver's side dash.

Her Exterior is original with the exception of one repaint done in 1980 using a correct black Lacquer which still has its amazing shine.

Only 133 Lincoln K Models were produced for 1939, the last year of production. This Rare and Very Original Judkins built 2-window Berline is one of only two 417-A bodies that were produced for the 1939 Lincoln Model K production year. She was the 20th vehicle from the end of the 1939 Model K production run and 3 digits before President Franklin Roosevelt's Sunshine Special. This rare particular car is one of about a dozen finished in, sold and titled as 1940 models and is one of only two 1940 models know to still exist. A very rare car indeed!

This particular car is also believed to possibly be the very last custom coach automobile built by the famous John B. Judkins' company, who began building carriages in Amesbury, Massachusetts in 1857.

She was delivered to her new customer in St.Louis on Jan 31, 1940. It is rumored that she may have been originally owned by August A. Busch Sr. Other prominent families such as the Catlins and the Mallinckrodts also purchased coach built luxury cars in St. Louis at the time. Someone living near St. Louis now, may be able to research the information to comfirm the original owner.

The heart of this Lincoln is her original, 414 cu. in., V-12 cylinder power plant.

The remarkable smoothness and quietness of this engine is due to several factors.
Among these are:
light, reciprocating parts- aluminum alloy pistons and connecting rods of light steel forgings,
crankshaft in almost perfect static and dynamic balance,
a vibration damper,
rigidly supported counterbalanced crankshaft,
a total of 5 rubber mountings on engine front and rear supports,
needle-bearing tappet rollers,
and hydraulic valve lifters.

Her original transmission has synchronizing, helical-cut gears for first, second and third combined with a single plate clutch which makes for smooth shifting

She has a low center of gravity, an X-member chassis, a rear anti-sway torsion-bar stabilizer, hydraulic shock absorbers and semi-elliptical springs.
These features combined with the fact that all passengers are positioned firmly between the axles make for a very comfortable ride.

This Beautiful Berline is adaptable to owner or chauffeur driving, for the glass partition may be raised or lowered at will.
The package compartment door closes flush with the back of the front seat, and an opera seat slides out to accommodate an extra passenger.
Appointments include robe rail, hassocks and vanities.
The rear seat is generously wide for three, and a wide arm-rest provides easy-chair comfort for two.

Her Lincoln body is soundly as well as beautifully built.
Windshield stanchions of heat-treated aluminum alloy casting, and metal roof construction.
Her body consists of approximately 60 sq. ft. of sheet aluminum 14 gage; over 300 feet of form- cut lumber, 59 quarts of high quality automobile paint, approximately 2100 wood screws, and about 161 lbs. of aluminum castings.

Her elegant, streamlined appearance flaunts rounded "pontoon" fenders with fender-mounted teardrop headlamps, narrow running boards, a rakish Vee windshield tilted to 27 degrees, pressed steel wheels, curvaceous chrome bumpers, hidden horns, hoodside louvers, and a built-in trunk.

Her exterior features a black Cabriolet top, metal-covered dual sidemounts, dual side view mirrors above sidemounts, dual crank-out front windshield, Rear Hinged Front & Rear Doors (a.k.a. "Suicide Doors"), a blue "V-12 Lincoln" medallion on grille, gleaming Chrome bumpers, and original hardware.

The radiator cap is hidden beneath her hood, but her sleek greyhound remains in its customary place atop the radiator.
The greyhound hood ornament was designed by the Gorham silversmiths in 1925, a Lincoln hallmark that would persist until World War II.

This Custom, Coach built Lincoln is extensively hand-crafted inside as well as outside.

Her interior features beige broadcloth and solid wood trim with factory-applied pinstripe accents adorning the window frames.
The machined interior hardware features nickel-plating throughout.

Her spacious front cabin features her original, 3-spoke, painted steering wheel, Floor-mounted shifter, and an array of gauges and knobs.

Dash Gauges:
Fuel Gauge
Temperature Gauge
Oil Gauge
Speedometer - Speedometer Trip Set button located beneath Speedometer

Power Brake Control - Toggle Located beneath speedometer
Dash Clock - Clock Set knob under clock beneath dash
Instrument Panel Light Switch - Located to the left of the gauge cluster
Ash Tray - On top in center of dash
Choke - Knob located at Center, bottom of dash on the left
Cigar Lighter - Center, bottom of dash in center, Lighter missing
Throttle - Knob located at Center, bottom of dash on the right
Beam Control Switch - Floor mounted

Steering Column:
Ignition Switch - Turn key until steering wheel lock is released
Light Switch - Knob on steering wheel
Starter Button - Located on steering wheel
Horn Button - Lincoln V-12 emblem

Her numerous, original, luxury amenities in the rear cabin include :
two Wood Vanity and Cigarette Case Cabinets - with interior lights, two shelves and a mirror,
Floor Heater,
Metal Robe Rail,
two Toggle Grips,
two Hassocks,
a very rare Jaeger 8 day clock,
Glass Partition behind driver's seat - mobile with a manual handle,
an Auxiliary Seat (Opera Seat) that folds into the division partition behind the driver's seat,
Smoker's Kit - two wood ash trays with original cigar lighters,
Fold-down center Armrest,
Overhead Dome Light, and a
Locking Storage Compartment.

Classic-car authority Paul Woudenberg has said of the Model K Lincoln: "Perhaps no car in production at that time could match for sheer quality without regard to cost."

Considering that the cost of this car in 1940 was $5,900 before special options (equivalent to approximately $100,000 in 2016), it isn't difficult to understand why this Handcrafted American Automotive Work of Art has continued to be carefully treated and faithfully maintained.

Model: 417-A
Body Type: 5 Person Berline (2-window)
Body Builder: Judkins
Price: $5,900
Weight: 5,770
Wheel-Base: 145"
Number Built: 2

Copies of her original "LINCOLN SPECIFICATION AND CHECKING CARD" for car and chassis show:
CARD #1:
"Body Type: 417-A
Body Color: Black
Stripe: Silver
Body Trim Spec. 1646

Car and Motor Number K9652
Assigned to: St. Louis
Sales Order No.: 34153
Production No.: K9440
Body No.: -12933
Key No. - Ign.298
Glove Box: 2516

Fender, Rear: Fenderwell
Wheels: 6 Black
Tires: 6 White
Tire Covers: 2 Black
Axle Ratio: 12.55
Steering Gear Angle 38 degrees 30

Special Equipment:
Double Heater & Double Defroster
Laprobe in 1646 with reverse side in flush with
Monogram in Diamond Shape. L in center with small
M in Left and B on right.

1 Rear View Mirrors
1 Front Carpet
1 Rear Carpet
1 Robe Rail
2 Toggle Grips
2 Ash Tray
3 Cigar Lighter
1 Tool Kit
2 Hassocks
1 Clock
1 Key Retainer
4 Keys

Parts Back Ordered
1 Set Pressure Grease Gun, Distributor Wrenches

Shipped To: St. Louis
Freight Car Number: PM91582
Checked By: 1483
Date 1/31/40
Wob - c/o Associated TRPT Inc."

Body Type: 145" Chassis
Chassis and Sheet Metal: Black
Car and Motor No. K9652
Assigned to: Somerville
Sales Order No.: 34194
Production No.: K9440
Key No. Ign.: 298
Glove Box: 2516

Fender, Rear: Black
Wheels: 6 ""
Tires: 6 White Firestone
Tire Covers: 2 Black
Axle Ratio: 12/55
Steering Gear Angle: 38 degrees 30

Special Equipment:
For Model 417-A

1 Rear View Mirrors
1 Front Carpet: Felt
1 Mirror
1 Ash Tray
3 Cigar Lighter
1 Tool Kit
1 Clock: Dursion
1 Key Retainer
4 Keys

Shipped To: Home Office to Somer(ville) for Judkins
Freight Car Number LM92016
Checked By 5955
Date 10/17/39"

(Copy of original shipping register)
Prod. No. 9440
CAR No. 9652
Sales Order No. 34153
Date Shipped 1-31-40
34153 1/31/40
34194 10/17/39
Job Charged on Mr Edsel Ford Cor"

This spectacular 1939-40 Model K operates as beautifully as when it was new.

Very Original, Beautifully Maintained and Stunning in every aspect, this Legendary Luxury Lincoln would make an excellent addition to anyone's collection.

Whether privately owned or publicly displayed in a museum, this surprisingly well preserved, rare example of Coach built American Automotive History will engender awe and appreciation in anyone lucky enough to experience her.

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Duluth, GA 30096

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