1951 Chrysler Windsor Town & Country Wagon U.S. Military Ambulance rat rod

1951 Other Makes RARE 1 of 153 NO RESERVE

Other Makes RARE 1 of 153 1951 technical specifications

Item location: Salem, Oregon, United States
Make: Other Makes
Model: RARE 1 of 153
Type: Station Wagon
Trim: Windsor
Year: 1951
Mileage: 63,834
VIN: 70091213
Color: Burgundy/White
Engine size: I6
Number of cylinders: I6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 3spd
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Brown
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1951 Chrysler Town& Country - 69. 34 MilesNO RESERVE - 1 of 153 - Only One Known in Existance - U. S. Military Ambulance Hi. thanks for checking out “Mr. Windsor”!!! This is a beautiful 1951 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon. This is probably one of the most interesting finds I have come across. This wagon crosses so many genres. making it a very interesting piece of automotive history. Everyone knows that wagons are super popular. nbsp; not only because they look awesome. but because they serve many functions. They are the cars that we all grew up with. everyone remembers riding with mom and dad across country in a wagon. When I was growing up we owned around 6 wagons. I remember my mom telling me about driving with her parents (my grandparents). they basically made the rear area. behind the back seats a play pin for her younger sister. could you imagine today doing this. everyone would be freaked. but that was the times. These can haul a lot of people around. and be used as bill boards for local business. they were the Sport Utility of the day. Imagine pulling up to an event. farmers market. swap meet. with all of your produce or what have you; it truly is an eye catcher. an advertisement you can right off. Every time I take this ol’ wagon out. people just smile. This is a true time capsule. and it is a lot of fun to drive. What makes this Town & Country even more interesting is that it was commissioned by the US Military. Chrysler had 153 Special Order Ambulances from 1951. this one went into Service by the U. S. Military for the Department of Energy. Chrysler is known to be the flagship for the Mopar brand. You would have thought maybe a Plymouth or Dodge; but a Chrysler to use a Luxury model was unheard of. This is one of those 153 cars. Obviously it does not look like a typical Ambulance. because they used them for light duty. Overall. it looks just like any other Town & Country Wagon. They built only 1. 39 Windsor Town & Country Wagons total in 1951. and out of those models they built this car. This vehicle was put into service for the Department of Energy. at the in Washington state. I am not sure how many were stationed there. but as you can see there is a #2 on the front bumper. I show a vintage picture of one of these vehicles with the badges. lights. and siren on the roof. It is a once in a lifetime chance to own a vehicle like this. It is the only one currently known to exist. It was 1 out of 153 made. but this is the only known example as far as I can tell. This would be a great vehicle for someone who wants something different. wants a bill board. or just wants to use it. I hope that a Military Museum would like to have this Town & Country. because it would be a perfect fit. Condition: There are over 75 photos below. I wrote a small description below many of them about things that I see in the photos. including paint. components etc. Overall. this Chrysler is a very good driver. it is not a 40K restoration. The paint is very old. has lots of touch ups. chips and scratches. It originally was a Beige color. but in the 1970's someone decided to paint it a traditional Tu-Tone Maroon and White. The chrome has some pitting. and some of the stainless has dings. but it is all there. It could use a good buffing on the trim. The interior is actually pretty decent. with very nice fitted new carpet. The seats are in very nice condition. and the headliner is perfect besides one little hole in it. The wood is in good shape. but it is worn. which you can get a good idea of from the photos. The engine starts right up. and this car purrs like a kitten. It has good power. does not blow any smoke. and is very clean running. The engine. transmission and rear end. do have a little seepage. and very small oil leaks. they have never been rebuilt. after 65 years oil residue does build up. and leaks start to happen. but the engine runs so nice. and has good power I would not rebuild it. it is a strong engine. The transmission shifts nicely after the car warms up. 2nd and 3rd are a little hard to get in to gear when you first take off. you have to use patience. finesse and sometimes a little luck. It could possibly be a little linkage adjustment. but after about 3 or 4 miles down the road. it shifts like butter. very smooth. you can down shift. does not pop out of gear. it is a 3spd manual. The brakes work well for a car this vintage. obviously does not stop like a new car. but it does stop good. It does steer decently. but the steering box is worn. so it wanders a bit. There is a lot of play in the steering wheel. The tires are old bias ply. so that probably contributes. The tires are in decent shape. but are really old. There is no signs of any major cracking. For around town they work well. but if I were going to drive it out on the highway for long periods. it might be wise to change them down the road. The body is very sound. very little rust. you can see a few little bubbles starting to form on a couple of doors. but it really is amazing for being over 65 years old. Underneath is amazing. floors and frame are in awesome condition. This is not a Restored car. it has been upkept during its life. it is not a garage queen by any means. but it is a Rare Vehicle. and it will be a total prize for someone who wants a very unique car. I have been selling classic cars here on eBay since 2003. 12 years now. with around 500 classic cars sold over the internet. with 100% Feedback. What I love about these old cars. is that I get to own some of my favorite cars one at a time. I have turned this passion into a business. but for me it is an awesome time to enjoy the cars themselves. It has been such a joy to do business with people all over the world. I have sold multiple cars to many buyers all over from Europe. Dubai. Australia. Japan. Brazil. nbsp; just to name a few. It has always been a pleasure. getting to know other car enthusiast all over the Continent. especially some that have become very good friends of mine because of our love for cars. I look forward to doing business here on ebay for many years to come. and look forward to meeting some other like minded classic car nuts like myself. If you would like to call me and talk about the car. that would be great. would love to help you out. if you want to call and talk about cars. it would be my pleasure. I am on the hunt for any interesting classics. please give me a call. 503-910-2085 - Jason. This is a NO RESERVE Auction. starting bid at $19. 55. yes NO RESERVE. top bid gets it. View the pictures read the auction. nbsp;if you have more questions let me know. would be glad to help you out. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A "BUY IT NOW" GIVE ME A CALL!! 503-910-2085 Thanks. Jason ****Blue Oval Ranch. What's DENWERKS. many people know me as Blue Oval Ranch since 2003. We are slowing changing our name over to DENWERKS. You can find us on Facebook. just search DENWERKS on FACEBOOK. PLEASE LIKE US. to see what we are all about. we do not sell cars on FACEBOOK. just show you what we are doing. interesting finds. friends cars. and just a bunch of other fun Vehicle related things. Thanks. Jason 503-910-2085A U C T I O N E N D S March 29th- Sunday Night EAST COAST: 10:00 pm WEST COAST: 7:00 pm 10 Day Auction. I am looking for a Buyer! Give me a Call if you have questions!*U. S. and International bidders welcome as long as your friendly!Terms are pretty Simple. if you can pay for it. within the time I allow. and can follow the guidelines. then please bid. if you can't then don't. It takes 2 to put on a good auction. you the Buyer and Me the Seller. I have perfect feedback. have sold over 500 well loved Classic Cars on Ebay. and have pretty much had great experiences with everyone. International Bidders. Please bid. have sent many cars to Europe. Australia. Asia. and all has been great. Please read the auction 2-3 times. and look at all the pictures and study them. If you have more questions please call me or email. I would be glad to help. **USA shipping. I have a nice lady that helps us with shipping she can give you a quote anywhere in the USA. she is reliable and hauls all my cars and most of my customers. Z best Transport. Mario 425-315-5929. tell him that you are working with Jason from Blue Oval Ranch. **Overseas shipping. I use Schumacher Cargo Logistics. Damien Sheilds 818-314-2536. he is the Sales manager. he is very good and very helpful tell him you are working with me. I do have a price sheet for quick pricing as well. so I can give you a basic ball park. Terms of Sale: When auction ends. you need to contact me within 24hrs of auction end. $1000 deposit within 24hrs prefer paypal. Balance due within 7 days of auction end. If you have questions about payment. give me a call before you bid. if you need special arrangements. as long as I know ahead of time. no problem. I am easy to get along with. When you pay in full. I will fax you a bill of sale. and buyers guide. and have you sign it fax it back. nbsp;and I will send you the Oregon Title. and Original Paperwork I have by FedEx to you and the bill of sale. If you come in person. obviously I would do all the paperwork with you. and hand over title in hand when you pay. Most people I deal with have there car shipped. so just explaining all the details. Pretty Simple. you pay. and you get the title and the vehicle. I love the looks of this Town & Country. this should have been the car in the Movie Driving Ms. Daisy. a wagon is much better then a 4dr Sedan!!! Interior is in great condition. brand new carpet installed front to back. had it specially made for it. not some cheap carpet kit. Rear seat matches the front. love the pull handles on the back of the front seat. There are a few small scuffs on the back of the seat. Please view all the pictures below. can't explain every photo. pretty self explanatory in most pictures. I love the wood floor and the chrome rails. Original wood. you could restore down the road if you like. but it is solid. Original 250 CID engine. called the L6. Engine is in very good shape. runs like a top. it has not been rebuilt or out of the car. just a mild detail on the engine. to bring it back to its former glory. It is a great running car. does not blow any smoke. or burn oil. All the exterior lights are working on the car. even the Amber Fog Lamps. The number 2 on the bumper was there when we got it. I love this view of this car. all the chrome is there. lots of it. it does have some wear and small piting and dings. but it is original and hard to find. thankfully it is all there. Buy it now option. if you have to have this beautiful car. give me a call. 503-910-2085. Jason Love this view of this Town and Country. The bumper override. and the tailgate hinges are some of my favorite features in back. Same as the front lots of chrome. but a little wear on everything. These are the correct hubcaps on this car. very hard to find. Title matches the VIN on the car. Original Trim tag under the hood. Here is an old picture of the way one of these cars looked back in the day. Here is a breakdown of models. notice the 1239 Town and Country Wagon. and then the Ambulance Special Order 153 made. Honestly how many of the Special Order models. were ordered by the US Military. and were Town and Country Models. I bet darn few!!!How many of these AMBULANCE Emblems exist today!!! Original Colors for 1951. car was painted Tu-Tune in traditional 1951 Chrysler colors. This car is very comfortable to ride in it. I have driven it 30 miles in one stretch. and what a joy. Door panels are in nice condition. but there is some wear on them. and a little discoloration. but over all hard to find. glad they are there. Dash area is really cool. lots of chrome. and lots of art deco design. You will notice on the dash it says Ambulance. The chrome all has light scratching and small pits. but over all for a driver. looks good. Steering wheel is complete. and in good shape. the horn is currently not working. The wheel has a leather wrap on it. not sure what it looks like underneath. but probably will need restored if you choose. The horn ring. is in one piece. many of these are broke. but his cars is in good shape. I'm out on a little cruise now. from taking pictures. All the gauges are working in the photo. even the dash lights work. Cigarette lighter even works. Wipers work. and heater controls are working. The radio is the only thing currently not working. Seats are very nice. very nice padding. There is one little hole as you can see. It has been equipped with seat belts as well. This is a first. split rear bench seat. and we thought that was a modern invention!!! Spare tire area is in really nice condition. no rust. Very light pitting in the trunk area. but stays nice and drive. I could fill this up with bowling balls. it is super strong. no rust issues. This was a nice idea. for an Ambulance model. a filler panel. to cover up the gap. so you could put a stretcher with wheels. The wheels would run done the chrome rails. I love the chrome hinges on this car. Headliner is in excellent shape. there is only one small hole in it. The discoloration you see. is just reflection off the chrome off the floor. Interior light works. only when you open the back doors. Down the sides of the car are fairly straight. there are some small waves. the car like I said has not been restored. just up kept and preserved. It was repainted in the 1970's. it has a lot of small chips and scratches that have been touched up. small dings and such. a driver vintage quality repaint. that is tired. but you will show up on any sunny day at a local car show and have the time of your life. Buy it now option. if you have to have this beautiful car. give me a call. 503-910-2085. Jason It is running a new Aluminum Radiator. it has been painted black. but much better for a car like this. Underneath the car is amazing. it has its 65 years of wear. but you will not find anything more solid then this car. Folks from the back east. and overseas will be amazing by the frame and undercarriage of this wagon. Muffler is in good shape. and exhaust. no leaks. runs very quite. You will see some of the seepage. on the trans and rearend. they are old. and after this many years. this is what an old car looks like underneath after 65 years. Gas tank is in good shape currently. no leaks. Another shot of floors. and frame. excellent!! Minor surface rust you see on the bottom of frame. but it is in awesome condition. Lights they work!!!!. The turnsignals all work. but if you look there are small chips and small cracks in the from and rear lenses. Buy it now option. if you have to have this beautiful car. give me a call. 503-910-2085. Jason Just closer looks at all the bright work. I love the Hood Ornament on these 1951 Chrysler's. You can see some of the age on the paint in this photo. minor chips touched up. small micro blisters on hood. Out in the sun light. the car looks great. under lights and shade. you can see the age of the 40 year old paint. It is a very good driver. take it to a car show. and no one would say a word. this car is super unique. how many have you seen!!! Minor blister at the bottom of the drivers side rear door. I love the rocker moldings on this car. and how they integrate into the full rear fenders. I heard at one time. this was used for a fire department in a small city but not sure which one. Reverse Lights Work!!!! I was amazed by this. Lic. Plate light works. Buy it now option. if you have to have this beautiful car. give me a call. 503-910-2085. Jason Passenger door has a few bubbles at the bottom. Really the 2 doors are the only areas. that if you wanted to down the road. need to be repaired. everything else is actually very solid. This is a very easy repair. They have been there for years. personally I would just up keep this beauty and drive it and enjoy!!! Small chips. and such. There are 3 larger chips in the original glass. I wish I knew what this sticker was. has wings. probably something Military related. A U C T I O N E N D S March 29th- Sunday Night EAST COAST: 10:00 pm WEST COAST: 7:00 pm****Blue Oval Ranch. What's DENWERKS. many people know me as Blue Oval Ranch since 2003. We are slowing changing our name over to Denwerks Vintage Car Shop. You can find us on Facebook. just search DENWERKS on FACEBOOK. PLEASE LIKE US. to see what we are all about. we do not sell cars on FACEBOOK. just show you what we are doing. interesting finds. friends cars. and just a bunch of other fun Vehicle related things. Thanks. Jason 503-910-2085

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