Ducati Hypermotard 1100S / Custom / Carbon Fiber / Low Miles

2008 Ducati Hypermotard

Ducati Hypermotard 2008 technical specifications

Condition: Used
Item location: Santa Monica, California, United States
Make: Ducati
Model: Hypermotard
Type: Naked
Year: 2008
Mileage: 4,200
VIN: ZDM1YACP68B007566
Engine size: 1,100
Vehicle Title: Clear
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**I apologize upfront for the longdescription but unlike the guy that sold me the bike, ould prefer to be 100% transparent. The bike runs and looks beautiful in person**
You are bidding on a 2008 Hypermotard 1100S with lots of custom parts as you can see from the pictures.
I bought this bike through Ebay and sorry to say, t wasn't an ideal transaction. I've bought and sold many cars and bikes with no issues but this one was sold to me as a mint condition, ever molested bike from AZ. When it wasdelivered to me, could tell he took care of it in some ways but his idea of customizing wasn't what he explained.
He had painted the frame with that black rubber paint that you can peel off but only sections of it and yes…it was peeling off. Had a crack in a panel as he overtighted a screw and of course, tripped a couple of the tank screws. Best part, e wanted to put a new dry clutch cover in but broke two of the bolts to the basket and when he sent me the bike the clutch was in a box. Add to that the point that it took 3 months to get the title and I went through hell getting it registered in CA. All said…I've only had it on the road for the past 2 months and owned in for close to 5 months. Now…unfortunately, 'm going through a job change and relocation so I need to sell all the toys and raise come capital.
Anyway, ohere are the details to what I've done tothe bike….
While I waited for the title I tore it all apart so I could remove all of the rubber paint. Took it down to a rollingchassis but never removed forks, rakes, otor…etc.
While apart I purchased the following (all in last 3 months and 900 miles):
  • Brand new clutch basket and springs
  • New barnett clutch plate kit with metal plates
  • New red basket cover but kept dry clutch cover that prior owner had installed
  • New Carbon Fiber side panels (both)
  • New tank cover in carbon
  • New Carbon Fiber front fairing (for headlight)which includes front fender
  • Put new Carbon fibertaillight cover on (have the oem black one as well)
  • Removed exhaust switch and bought new plug in item to eliminate the error code
  • Removed exhaust and took off all the rubber black paint (looks good now).
  • Purchased used fuel tank on ebay as he had stripped out the two leading screws
  • reassemble steering damper as it was in a box, e took off his scott damper orwhatever brand it was….
  • bought new rubberfoot peg dampers as he had removed and didnt include. Used only Ducati parts for anything replaced.
  • Left Ducati Performance seat on from prior owner.
  • Added new billet handlebar mirrors as it had none with bar ends to match.
  • Added highintensity bulb for bettervisibility in day riding
  • Replaced master and clutchreservoirs as he had plastic ones installed. Bled both sides as well.
  • Painted stock gas cap black to match bike as it was silver prior.
  • Installed rear passenger pegs though I bought from ebay so I could have myfiancé ride with me. Pic shows carbon but one just cracked from her boot. I'll putaluminum ones back on shortly
  • Also has all carbon fiber belt covers installed from prior owner.
That's about it. I took a couple close up shots of the bolts on the forks and the brakes so you can see thatneither the original owner or myself had pulled them apart. You can see the unmolested pen marks from factory through the entire drivetrain. Tires are about 80% still if not more and all fluids are fresh so no service needed anytime soon. I scrubbed, ubed and sealed the chain.
Bike runs and rides perfect. A Fewflaws I want to call out
  • The one pic shows a red scratch in frame, e had taken a knife to the original frame sticker and clearly took some paint with it. What an idiot! I was going to buy a new vin tag to cover or perhaps just touch it up. Really not that noticeable unless you're looking for it.
  • Typical Ducati where it's hard to get intoneutral. I'veowed about 20ducat's so it will get better as it breaks in more, n the meantime, ust pop intoneutral before you stop.
  • The anti theft ring around the ignition is a pain. Sometimes I need to adjust to get it to start. I bought a new one but it still pops loose every once in a while. Not a big deal as I just need to adjust it a little and it's fine.
  • Last, didn't install signals. Wiring is all there and I have a set from the front I think in the spare parts but I typically don't use in the canyons and such anyway so didnt bother.
I do not have original parts or many spares. I'll give youwhat I have but Itrashed the prior tank and sold the otherbodywork. I literally have over 10.5K into this bike so you're getting it for a steal. Again, as told it was like new when purchased :(
Shipping is fine as long as it's paid for first. I have a clear title in hand and a CA plate although I'm keeping the black special edition plate that's on it now. If the price gets up there, ay consider throwing it in if you need it.
You won't be disappointed. Blast to ride, s much as the original owner was clearly an idiot, can tell from dealing with him that he wasn't much of a rider and spent more time trying to fix it up then use it. Looks beautiful in person withthe ohlins shock, ame wheels from a panigale, arbon, ed frame and such..
Thank you

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