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2004 American Lifan LF50GY Motorcycle DIY Plug & Play Alarm w/ Shock Sensors

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Condition: New
Item location: Portland, Oregon, United States
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2004 American Lifan LF50GY Motorcycle DIY Plug & Play Alarm w/ Shock Sensors TOTAL SCOOTER MOTORCYCLE PROTECTION IN UNDER 60 SECONDS Stellar's easy to install ST4400 Alarm System offers total vehicle protection at an affordable price. The ST4400's adhesive backing attaches directly to your Scooter/Motorcycle battery with ease. With detailed instructions and a friendly technical support line, ven the "weekend" mechanic can have total vehicle protection in under 10 minutes
1. Using supplied pad clean an area on the battery.
2. Remove adhesive backing and place the unit on the battery.
3. Connect the black clip to "-", nd the red lip to the " side of the battery
Don't let the easy installation fool you, ecause the ST4400 offers one of the most advanced shock sensors in the world, ffering total protection for your body and windshield, s well as your wheels, runk and rack. The highly advanced ST4400 shock sensor is programmable, llowing you to adjust its sensitivity to the level that you require, hile ignoring noise, ind, tc. The code-rolling technology ensures your vehicle's safety by changing the codes on your receiver after each transmission. Your personal safety is protected with a remote panic button in case of approaching danger, r to attract attention. Offering the latest in Ceramics Technology, he ST4400 brings sound-pressure levels to over 128 decibels
The ST4400 also offers Intrusion Attempt Reporting by chirping three times upon your return to the vehicle if it has detected an intrusion attempt. By installing the light wire, ou enable the ST4400's voltage sensor, hich can identify the unauthorized opening of seat hatches, ody panels, nd trunks.
Super loud 128db Siren The ST4400 offers the latest in Ceramics Technology. This results in bringing the sound pressure levels over 128dB.
Code Rolling Technology Today's scooter and motorcycle thief uses "code grabbing" machines to duplicate a standard car alarm code. Once the scooter/motorcycle thief has the code he retransmits it out and deactivates the scooter alarm. At the same time the alarm is deactivated and the scooter thief has full access to the scooter. The code rolling technology ensures your scooter/motorcycles safety by changing codes on the receiver after each transmission. To ensure maximum protection Stellar's code rolling technology also allows you to delete lost or stolen codes.
Remote Panic Button If you are within operational range of the remote, ou may sound the alarm in case of approaching danger, r to attract attention its 128 DB
Smart Layer Impact Sensor The ST4400 shock sensor is designed to detect harsh impact to the scooter or motorcycle. When properly adjusted the sensor will ignore noise, ind, tc.
Voltage Sensing Sensor The ST4400 voltage sensor can identify the unauthorized opening of seats hatches, ody panels and trunks. To activate this sensor you will need to install the light wire.
Intrusion Attempt Reporting Upon returning to the vehicle the ST4400 will report any attempted intrusions to your vehicle by chirping three times.
Feature Super Loud 128db Siren
Feature Smart Layer Impact Sensor
Feature Voltage-monitoring Sensor
Feature Intrusion Attempt Reporting
Feature Remote Panic Button
Feature Microprocessor Control
Feature Code Rolling Technology
Feature Free Tech Support
Feature Limited Lifetime Warranty
Feature Designed In The USA Weight 0.40 Brand Stellar Vehicle Security Condition New $139.33 $29.95 Got a Question?
Call the experts at 971-222-2741 ! View instructions now at Reference part number: EB248673

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