Pulse Litestar Other Vehicle

1985 Other Makes Pulse

Other Makes Pulse 1985 technical specifications

Condition: Used
Item location: Portage, Michigan, United States
Make: Other Makes
Model: Pulse
Year: 1985
Mileage: 38,000
VIN: 17JTW12J5FM000108
Color: Gray
Engine size: 1,000
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Pulse was featured in Back to the Future 2. It has also been featured in a couple other movies back in the 1980s. If you have researched the Pulse, ou will find it is a unique vehicle that will bring more attention than any other vehicle on the road. Most often many will pull over to the side of the road as you come by not knowing what they are seeing. One of the most fun vehicles you will ever own. The best part about it is the smiles it brings to people as you drive by.....see the websiteautocycles.org for moreinformation.

There were about 347 of these made between 1985 and 1990 in Owosso Michigan by the Owosso Motor Car Company. The first 21 were called Litestars and then the name changed to Pulse. A Pulse is a motorcycle. It rides on 2 main wheels and has 2 outrigger wheels (one on each side). It is classified in most states as a 3 wheel motorcycle. It has a 123" wheelbase and an overall length of 192" X 76" width X 54" height and weighs about 1000 lbs.

The PULSE is a "GCRV", r Ground Cruising Recreational Vehicle. This new term appropriately describes the PULSE because the vehicle has the performance and acceleration of a motorcycle engineered into a comfortable weatherproof vehicle with many of the attributes of an automobile. An alternate term for the PULSE is an "autocycle".

Its body resembles a high performance jet aircraft, et drives like a sports car. The exceptionally long wheel base provides unmatched stability and driving comfort for a vehicle of its weight, lass and fuel economy. It seats two (tandem) and has almost six (6) cubic feet of storage space.

Slide back the canopy and settle into the comfortable cockpit of the PULSE. The full instrumentation is neatly arranged, il light and temperature gauges & tachometer. Punch the accelerator, ou're ready for take off working your way through the 5 gears as you slide effortlessly through the traffic or on an open freeway. The PULSE provides a driving experience unequalled in any other type of vehicle.

The PULSE is a two (2) wheeled vehicle equipped with an additional two (2) wheels, ocated as outriggers, ne on each side. The outrigger wheels provide balance for the vehicle when it is at rest or in a turn.

As the gyroscopic action of the main wheels increase the outriggers no longer bear weight. It is impossible to tell which outrigger is touching the ground until a turn is made if the air shocks are at the right pressure.

With no more than three (3) wheels in contact with the ground at any one time, he PULSE is considered a three (3) wheeled vehicle & is licensed as a motorcycle. In certain states a special category of license has been created, uch as in Michigan, ppropriate for the PULSE, n "autocycle."

The body styling of the PULSE gives it a fantastic futuristic look, t the same time following form with function. The aerodynamic shape allows the vehicle to cut through the wind and results in unusually high fuel mileage and performance. The PULSE has ten (10) times less drag than a motorcycle and its rider. The body is also designed in such a way as to increase stability and directional control as speed increases. The drag coefficient is .193

Pulse #108 here for auction was taken apart and restored with a 1978 GL1000 Honda Goldwing Motorcycle as the power plant. The Honda Goldwing was updated with new electronic cdi, lug wire, lugs, uel pump, elts, ires. Carburetor rebuilt, ew cooling hoses. The cooling system has 2 radiators (NEW) located on the inside of the body and have cooling fans behind each radiator. This Pulse with the Honda Goldwing bike is designed to be taken apart from the main frame including radiators without having to drain the radiators when servicing. The wiring has all been updated and new. The front and rear have air shocks to adjust your ride. The gas tank is a 5 gallon tank. The original speedometer gauge worksintermittently, he GPS does show your speed. It does have a Push button start. Aircraft steering wheel.

The Fiberglass body had all the original paint sanded off and body imperfections repaired and then painted base/clear coat. The rear turn signals were replaced with 1959 cadillac tail lights. The front mirrors have the front turn signals integrated in them. The windshield and canopy glass is new polycarbonate. The interior is acustom upholstered leather with red piping and stitched Pulse logo in the headrest. The dash is custom made toaccommodate a flip out 7 inch screen radio/gps/video/backup camera. The box behind the passenger is a Base for the Stereo. Can be easily removed if not desired. The shifter is a 50 cal. bullet which is located on the right side of the driver.

Look at the pictures I have posted. This is my personal Pulse and have put much time into making this my own. This Pulse does not have the reverse gear. I do have the original reverse for this Pulse, ut is not in the vehicle. The original reverse gear wore on the rear tire and I never liked the set up or the way it worked. The Pulse does have a windshield wiper, ts just not installed . All lights work. The Pulse does have a way to tow it with a tow bar. Pulse 108 has the connection points on the front axel. I have never towed it, nbsp;I have only trailered it. Pulse has always been stored indoors as long as I have owned it. Clear Michigan Title in my name. 2 previous owners.

This Pulse is a one of kind. If your looking forsomething to bring a lot of attention and have fun with, nbsp;this is it. NOT MANY ARE FINISHED AS NICE AS THIS PULSE.

Buyer responsible for shipping. Many ways to ship this vehicle. Ships like a small car.



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