1977 Dnepr K-750 with sidecar. Fully restored in military USSR style

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Condition: Used
Item location: Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Make: Other Makes
Year: 1977
Mileage: 10
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1977 year DNEPR K-750 with sidecar



Everywhere you look, his bike screams 1939! Frame, heet metal, heels, andlebars, ractor seats, xhaust, 50cc engine, -speed transmission, he list goes on and on.
The story of Ural&Dnepr begins late in 1939. A secret meeting was held in the Defense Ministry of the USSR. The matter under discussion, hat model of motorcycles was going to be the most suitable for Soviet Armed Forces. Now despite the fact that planed was peacefully split between two dictators right after the Molotov/von Ribbentrop pact, he Soviet Union, o be more specific Joseph Stalin, now it would soon be going to war with Adolph Hitler, he ruthless dictator of the German Third Reich. Most recent historic research proves that Joseph Stalin being as much a ruthless dictator as Adolph Hitler himself, f not more, as planning on striking the Nazis first, oseph Stalin ordered the military to prepare all areas of operation, ncluding ground forces. During the same time period there was also, nknown to the majority of the world, remendous growth in the Soviet Air Force that would enable the Soviet Army to strike the Nazis first with a devastating surprise attack. Having seen the effects of Blitzkrieg (lighting war) against Poland, pgrading of military vehicles was of dominant importance to Joseph Stalin.
Official version reads, fter long discussion the BMW R71 motorcycle was found the closest match to the specific requirements and five of these motorcycles were secretly acquired in Sweden. Everything about the bike was reverse engineering and in early 1941 the first trial samples of M-72 motorcycles were shown to Marshall Stalin and the decision was made to produce them.
Unofficially, nd a more likely story is that the BMW factory supplied the construction drawings and casting molds. Transfers in technology had taken place, s a result of the Molotov/Ribbentrop Pact, n support of their soviet friends in different areas. Soviet engineers toured the German aircraft factories and had brought back complete cannons as samples. The OPEL Kadett was given to the Soviets just prior to the war however, t commenced series production only toward the end of the war as the Moskvitch 400. In 1941, MW began series production the R75, nd did not resume production of the R71.
After the WWII the Factory was further developed and in 1950 the 30,000th motorcycle was produced. Since then over 3.2 million motorcycles, ainly sidecar outfits have been produced. The history of the URAL had begun with the glory of helping to defeat the terror of Hitler's armies on the Russian and European battlefields. The URAL was built for the military only, p until the late 1950's when another plant in the Ukraine (Kiev Motorcycle Zavod - KMZ) took over that job with same model, ut different name - DNEPR and the Irbit Motorcycle Zavod (IMZ) began to concentrate on making bikes for domestic consumption. Today both plants manufacture bikes for domestic as well as for military needs.

For sale fully restored MOTORCYCLE DNPER of 1977y. with sidecar. It was restored in military USSR style. Bike after restoration past about 10 miles that check and regulated all systems. It comes with everything what you see on pics: ammo-boxes, hovel, uchine gun's mount, pire tire, ntenna and BRAND NEW BATTERY.

Sale and restoration of motorcycles DneprOur company have long been successfully engaged in the professional restoration of old motorcyclesDnepr (KMF).All equipment is complete restoration, orn parts are replaced with new ones, liminating problems in the further operation of the motorcycle.The wholeprocess of restorationis under the full control specialists.Trained and qualified staff and modern art equipment assures maximum similarity with the restored motorcycle released from the assembly line many years ago.
The restoration process is very long and laborious.It begins with thedelivery of a motorcycle shop in disassembly.Here, e fully understands, hen all items are sorted by degree of wear and suitable for further use.Unsuitable details sent for scrap.The next phase of the restoration - restoration of worn parts.It begins with the welding.To further the process is very important to take a responsible approach to thesandblasted parts motorcycle,in which details of getting rid of old paint, ust and other visible contamination.The final stage of preparing the same parts isglass blastingprocessing.It is necessary to remove all the fine contaminants are not visible to the naked eye.Continues the process of restoration of parts of motorcycle Dneprpowder painting.This provides uniform and continuous application of the paint on the item, ven in tight spaces.Coverage of paint on parts formedby Polymerizationin a special chamber with a very high fever.Thus the paint melts and fills the pores of the coating, hich is marked.

If you have any questions pleasefeel free contact with me

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Overall dimensions Length, ot greater than 98.42 inches (2500mm)
Width, ot greater than 66.92 inches (1700mm)
Height, ot greater than 43.30 inches (1100mm)
Wheel base, ot greater than 60.23 inches (1530mm)
Road clearance, ot less than 4.92 inches (125mm)
Dry mass, ot over 715lb (325kg)
Maximum load, ot greater than 572lb, 260kg)
Engine four stroke, arburetor, /p>

Capacity, c 749
Nominal cylinder bore, m 78
Nominal piston stroke, m 68
Geometric compression ratio 7.0
Speed 60mph Max. power, .p.32
Fuel consumption 55mpg
Starting with kick starter
Air filter with paperboard filter element
Electrical equipment single wired 6V
Gearbox four speed
Suspension: front telescopic with spring hydraulic shock absorber
Rear swing arm with spring-hydraulic shock absorbers
Brakes: front and rear drum with mechanic drive
Seat: tractor saddle

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